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Monday, December 13, 2004

industry town

I was browsing Entertainment Weekly the other day in that way that I do, reading until I find the thing that irritates me enough to swear off it and all other pop culture adorations of pop culture for good. This time the thing was this:
Ignore the rumors. L.A. does have four seasons: earthquake season, fire season, riot season, and the most ravaging — pilot season.
Peter Mehlman "Notes From the Sitcom's Deathbed"

I hate it when people say L.A. when they mean "me and the few thousand of us who make our living in TV and movies". Sure, everyone thinks their world is the world, but when you have the loudest voice on the planet, with moving color pictures to go along with your story, people tend to believe your version of reality. The narrative that capital H Hollywood tells about Los Angeles overwhelms and disappears other possible stories and pictures. Here's a painting by Carole Benzaken, whose apartment we sublet in Paris while she was making art in L.A.:


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