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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Back in my www neophyte days I spent a lot of time at, of all places, the website, home of the top 100 fiction and non-fiction English language books of the 20th century lists and the discussion forum which argued over them. You can still find the Modern Library's Board list next to the Reader's list of novels, (the nonfiction lists are here) but the forum disappeared one day without warning whilst the internet boom was undergoing a correction. A quick look at the lists will reveal the nature of the debates in those early days; aggrieved acolytes of Ayn Rand versus people who had read a book beyond their 18th birthday. In the months of back and forth I learned more than I ever wanted to about the minutia of Objectivist literary theory, so I was a bit chagrined that it took a little tidbit in Newsweek to point out the sticky fingerprints of Ms. Rand all over The Incredibles. It's been widely remarked on now (a summary of critical response to it and Polar Express at the Christian Science Monitor here.), and dang it if I don't feel like the movie is ruined for me now.


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